The Office Complex

You have entered the office complex, it looks exactly how you imagined it. Well to be honest it doesn't look exactly like you imagined but it looks similar. There are so many cubicles that you can't see the other side of the room. There are several boxes on the floor, it looks like everyone packed but they didn't have enough time to leave the office with their belongings.

Before moving forward you look back for the last time. The look on your face was priceless when you discovered there is no door anymore.

You can see a very long and narrow passage to your left, there is a wall to its left and cubicles to its right. Every 6 cubicles another passage merges with the one you are seeing, you can't see where those passages lead from your position-

To your front there is yet another passage, you can see a small door in the distance, where does it go?

This place seems huge and if you start walking you'll quickly get lost, you grab a notebook and a pen from the closest cubicle and draw a map of what you have currently explored.

     +-------------- \+
     |                |
     |                |
     |                |
     |                |
     |                |
     |                |
     |      [4]       |
     |                |
     +------+------- \+
     |      |         |
     | [3]  ¦   [2]   |
+----+--+---+--- \----+
|    [1]¦             |
|       |     [0]     |

 \  Doors
 ¦  Locked doors
[0] Entrance
[1] Bookshelf blocking the door
[3] Storage room
    [4] Office complex

To be continued...