The Room

You have left the and you have entered in a small waiting room.

You feel like you have been here before, you can recognize that desk, those armchairs. Yes, it is that waiting room.

A vivid image of the secretary comes to your mind, you will never forget that eternally angry old lady. You begin to wonder why memories work this way but there is not too much time for this, you have to find a key. You still don't know how the key looks like but you have been told you were going to recognize it as soon as you saw it.

There is a storage room to your left, the door is locked and you don't have the key. I know what you are thinking about, no, it is not that key.

In front of you and a little to the right, next to the desk, you can see a door. It is the actual entrance to the office complex. It doesn't seem to be locked, its glass has been broken and the floor is covered with little pieces of it, making loud noises with each step you take. You take a deep breath before entering .