The Land Of Nowhere

In a world dominated by corporations your only hope is to shut it down

To your left you can see a wooden door with a tiny glass panel, you can't open it. A heavy bookshelf fell behind it, you can see broken glass, flipped tables and chairs. You suspect it was not a human who caused that, the scratches on the walls seem to confirm your theory, it is better to avoid that room.

In front of you you can see a door inviting you to pass. It is halfway opened, it says "Nowhere" in gold letters.

The whole situation seems surreal, apparently none of your high tech equipement can help you. You are on your own, the servers room is just a few meters ahead.

You can but you decide to take a look to your right before taking the next step.

To your right you see a picture frame, apparently the picture has been missing for years. There are tiny marks where the picture used to be, upon closer inspection you realize it is a warning message written in dark brown letters: "if you are reading this, it is already too late".