News And Updates


I'm still alive, but I feel no desire to continue writing the story. I think I should repurpose this website and focus on other projects.


I have been too busy to update this site. I can't believe it still gets visited, it had 11 unique hits on Feb 14.


Added my interesting links page.

I am considering leaving my Land of Nowhere story unfinished and focusing on shorter stories, I want to experiment with different writing styles and genres.


Uploaded my API client library for Python.


I should update this more often... I am also surprised that this website had more than 4k views.

Last time I checked I was writing an API client for NeoCities in Python and I don't remember the reason I never uploaded it. I don't know if it is finished so it will remain in my hard disk until I decide what to do with it. My Land of Nowhere story is... going nowhere, it was just a way to dump whatever stories came to my mind and it will remain that way, I update it whenever I feel inspired enough to do so.


Improved the description of The Office, it still needs to be finished.


I converted all the files to XHTML5 syntax and fixed a few syntax errors.

I am now using Arachnophilia for editing my documents.

I also added a language attribute to all my XHTML5 files.


I moved the main project to its own folder, this helps me keep everything more organized.

I downloaded a backup of the whole site, now I edit the website locally and upload the changes to Neocities. This allows me to use my favorite text editor.

The CSS code I am using for this website has been added to the Other Projects And Experiments page.


This is an experiment, it may never be finished, it may never end. News and updates may be posted here if I feel like posting them.

A new room has been added today, it is The Room and it is waiting to be read.

The website now has a favicon.