About 98 - iFAQ

So what is this?

This is a story, maybe this actually happened. The veracity of the events in these pages has yet to be discussed.

It is inspired by modern video games where the focus is not the gameplay anymore but just following a linear story and pressing some buttons to advance. I replaced pressing buttons with clicking links, realistic graphics with text and this website was born.

It is not finished

And it may never be, this story is being told at the same time it is being published.


Remember Geocities? I do, I remember the amateur writer pages and I wanted to do something similar.

What is an iFAQ?

Infrequently asked questions. Questions nobody has ever asked but I decided to write here anyways.

Anything else you want to say?

Modern webpages suck, they are 50MB of ads, placeholder images, unnecessary videos and scripts. You won't see any of that here, my focus is on the content and I try to keep all pages below 100KB in size.

Also this website is designed to be mobile first and viewable with any browser, try using lynx!